Specialist Resourcing

Right person, right skill, right time

Do you struggle to secure quality specialists when you need them?

Savantor offers a dedicated resourcing service to secure the right personnel to fill specialist permanent positions or to supplement your existing workforce with focused, skilled individuals from our extensive and specialist contract database.

Our specialist resourcing process is an approach that has been proven to deliver quality personnel to our clients and has helped Savantor gain the reputation of being a supplier of a broad range of high quality services and people to the financial services and card payment industry.

Contact Savantor for payment-focused resourcing services for:

As independent and objective advisors with an in-depth understanding of the demands facing our clients, Savantor can add significant value by using our effective resourcing process to secure the right person with the right skill at the right time.

The result is that the specialists we supply will complement your existing resources with extensive knowledge of the complexities of the cards, payment, mobile and transaction processing market.

For advice and support on the best way to satisfy your specific resourcing needs or manage the peaks and troughs of your resourcing requirements, contact Savantor’s Resourcing Director, Mel Durham resource@savantor.com.