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To charge or not to charge?

Sunday, 09 November 2014
It is said that in the UK, people are more likely to change their partner than their bank account. The vast majority of the general public, due primarily to a combination of apathy and uncertainty, are content to stay with one bank for their current account irrespective of the value of the service they receive. A preliminary review undertaken by the recently formed Competition and Markets Authority found that there is not enough competition in the market for personal accounts and business loans, and that a sweeping investigation would be conducted over the next 18 months. The hold of the 'big four' banks - Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC and RBS - on the market will be specifically under review, particularly in relation to transparency of charging and barriers to new entrants to the banking market. Predictably the big four are not much in favour of this investigation, whilst it is keenly supported by the new challenger banks such as Virgin and Tesco. The area of 'free' banking is likely to be subject to in-depth consideration, as it seen by new banks as one of the key areas of difficulty in breaking into the market, with the bigger banks able to 'hide' the cost of running free accounts from customers with a myriad of other charges. It is however not such a simplistic task to be able to compare bank accounts across the board, with one of the most significant factors affecting choice the actual requirements of the customer. For some, a no-frills bank account is all they are looking for, whilst others need a more comprehensive service not necessarily supported by the feature 'bundles' offered for many fee charging accounts today. There is also the widespread popular belief to be counteracted that current accounts should be 'free', although of course in practice what this means is that a bank looks for other ways to pay for the account. It seems likely that the outcome of the investigation will enforce a number of changes onto the retail banking market, with the intention of removing the current opacity of charges and allowing consumers to make informed decisions about their choice of bank. Whether or not the average consumer makes full use of any new changes will remain to be seen. After all, aren't bank accounts supposed to be free......?
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Commercial Card Migration

"Execution at its best. We're delighted that this project has been truly outstanding and received an award from 'The Banker'. Savantor provided crucial expertise that helped us keep all our promises in terms of delivery. The scheduling, planning and control regime throughout was excellent."

Chris Mason, Director - Commercial Cards EMEA - Citi - UK

Credit Risk Review for New Product Launch

"We needed expert help at short notice and Savantor were very impressive in their response and knowledge. The results were very clear and useful, enabling us to quickly make good progress on the next steps."

Sami Karhunen, Head of Business Intelligence and SME Sales - Point Transaction Systems Oy - Finland

Acquirer Transformation

"We needed a programme manager for a complex transformation who also brought a broad understanding to help stakeholders through the change. We have been delighted with the delivery and outcomes from this engagement with Savantor."

Michael Liquornik, Executive Vice President - Neovia Financial - UK

Complex Multi-Country Migration

"This complex migration, undertaken simultaneously in Spain and Portugal, has been a complete success. Savantor has provided us with excellent support for over 3 years, both in the original business transformation programme and now this double migration. We value their open and honest approach to business, and of course the expertise that they bring."

Ricardo Gomez, Director, Operations & Technology - WiZink Bank – Spain & Portugal

Acquiring market insight and strategy review

"Savantor brought an independent perspective and valuable insight that enabled Rabobank to ratify options for delivery and future growth and make informed business decisions in support of our target business model. Having used Savantor on a number of strategic projects, we have no hesitation in recommending their services to others."

Evert R Fekkes, SVP Payment & Savings Services - Rabobank - Nederland

Acquirer Risk Assessment

"The expertise provided by Savantor has greatly helped us evaluate our risk position and to take the right steps in managing our future risks. Strong, disciplined planning and an ongoing willingness to work closely with our staff played an enormous part in making this a very successful well-delivered project which will greatly help us in achieving our business goals."

Mark Healy, Chief Risk Officer - NEOVIA Financial - UK

Business and Platform Strategy

"Savantor successfully advised Rabobank during preparing of the platform migration for cards. Savantor demonstrated thorough knowledge of business processes and market players combined with a practical approach."

Evert Fekkes, Business Information Manager - Rabobank - Nederland

Platform Selection & RFP Management

"OP-Pohjola Group has used Savantor in both acquiring and issuing for platform/service provider research, RFI/RFP processes and subsequent contract negotiations. Savantor's approach and commitment have always been very professional and transparent. They have been of great help for the company in providing us important insights and background information beyond vendors sales speeches."

Kai Lindstrom, Head of Acquiring - OP-Services Ltd - Finland

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