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What next for Payment Cards?

Monday, 03 July 2006

Following the introduction of Chip & PIN in the UK there are still some enhancements to the EMV card system that need to be deployed. The card terminals are approved by the card schemes and support features yet to be implemented in the card design. Additionally, new algorithms will need to replace the existing hashing and encryption operations once agreed by the card schemes. This is a longer term strategy that will require enhancement of both terminal firmware and card masks and needs to be co-ordinated with the next generation of merchant terminals.

In the interim, card issuers can exploit the terminal capabilities to introduce Dynamic Data Authentication to counter the existing threat of authentication replay susceptibility in Static Data Authentication cards. Prudent issuers will consider requesting encrypted PIN entry to minimise the risk of PIN compromise also.

However the biggest risk remains, namely that of "fallback" fraud.  Essentially the problem centres on the ease with which magnetic stripe data can be copied to form a cloned card. It only requires the PIN to be disclosed for fraudulent transactions to be submitted via international ATM networks such as in the recent Lloyds TSB attacks.

There is no effective safeguard against bogus terminals that could be used to harvest card & PIN data currently. Terminal authentication could be combined with card authentication to deliver mutual authentication before the cardholder is prompted for the PIN. Since this mechanism would be dependent on secret terminal keys, no cryptographic channel can be established for fraudulent terminals to elicit any cardholder recognisable data prior to PIN entry.

Cardholder education will be needed so that covert cameras cannot record the hand movements during PIN entry. Similarly PIN entry must be shielded against bystander observation.

Even if cardholder authentication is extended to include biometric methods, PIN entry must still be supported for contingency situations and where compatibility with older terminal networks must be provided.

Offline approved transactions result in a transaction certificate that the issuer should verify. If this check fails a chargeback may be raised against the acquirer/merchant retailer. Ultimately, the only way to counter the risk of "Yes-card fraud" is to approve only online transactions or use one-time authentication codes as in the "Chip-card Authentication Program" models.

Finally, the impact of hybrid cards such as contactless and RFID must be considered where the Bank PIN should not be used for non-payment applications. (Source: Bob van Gaalen, 1st August 2006)

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