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Jumping on the Bitcoin Rollercoaster

Thursday, 09 January 2014
The last couple of weeks have seen a fair amount of activity on the topic of Bitcoin, including moves by governing bodies and yet more bad press. The perception and understanding of Bitcoin by the public is extremely low, especially following media reports of the FBI raid on the online "black-marketplace" Silk Road where it seized approximately 175,000 Bitcoins and now the vice-chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem, being charged by US Prosecutors in relation to his own dealings on Silk Road. The constant association in the media of Bitcoin to illicit activity is obviously damaging to its public profile and therefore its attractiveness to consumers and merchants. Bitcoin is a fledgling currency, still largely under the radar of the general public so the horror stories are the ones that make the headlines. Where the Bitcoin path ultimately leads is wide open with opinions seemingly polarised on the topic. Digital currencies will certainly become established in the mainstream eventually – the question is when this will be, which form it will take and whether there is room for more than one global currency? To understand the size of the opportunity in Bitcoin, we just need to look at those 175,000 Silk Road Bitcoins held by the FBI (approximately 1.5% of all Bitcoins in existence at the time of writing). At $945 per Bitcoin (, they represent around $165 million, with the value of all Bitcoins in existence today being equivalent to half of the UK's total public spending budget for industry, agriculture and employment for 2013-14. Last year, Germany formally declared Bitcoin as a "unit of account" and this month both the French Senate and the NY Department of Financial Services have held hearings into how Bitcoin and other digital currencies could be regulated so it is being increasingly noticed by the wider audience. The business opportunities for Bitcoin in the payments industry are not likely to be realised through previous business models. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment method leaving little or no room for processing or middle-man fees. The opportunities for the payments industry will likely lie in the services and intellectual property that can be developed around the currency. The challenge for the payment industry, therefore, is to identify those opportunities and invest in the infrastructure whereby these ancillary services can be delivered through consumer/merchant wallets. At the moment, though, being a financial instrument it is a technology that has attracted the attention of the governing bodies keen to bring it in line with other monetary instruments in terms of regulation and taxation. Unless Bitcoin is pushed to the market soon, we may miss out on the positive opportunities it holds within.
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New Payments Initiative

"In moving our new initiative into reality, we required specialist payments knowledge and forward thinking in the retail sector. Savantor supplied this and provided very effective guidance throughout. We enjoyed working with them."

Sophie High, Head of Innovation Delivery - Cancer Research UK

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"Savantor successfully assisted Clear2Pay by providing specialist EMV expertise."

Marie Costers, General Manager - Clear2Pay Open Test Solutions

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"Savantor did a good job in helping us understand the dynamics of a key growth area for Trionis. Savantor's ability to listen and their degree of commitment have always impressed me. They have been of great help in providing us important market insights and I would not hesitate to work with them again in future."

Ernst Verbeek, Managing Director - Trionis - Belgium

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"The bank has undergone significant transformation of its card business on both the issuing and acquiring sides. One business partner we have looked to for support in the areas of strategy, major project leadership, management analysis and ongoing business support is Savantor. The Savantor team has contributed to our success as we have leveraged their deep industry knowledge and broad range of operational skills."

Sean Sheehan, Service Management Director - Bank of Ireland

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"Disciplined methodology and effective teamwork, guided by Savantor's migration expertise and operational knowledge, were the hallmarks that led to the resounding success of this project, enabling us to maintain and develop our business capability."

Robert Lambert, Head of Cards Strategy - Permanent tsb bank - Ireland

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"We were in urgent need of external independent expertise to supplement our internal resources. Senior consultants had to quickly integrate with a diverse team from across the bank and actively contribute. I am pleased to say that Savantor was able to deliver on our needs as well as being good people to do business with."

Lars Bostrom, Head of Cards - Nordea - Scandinavia

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"This complex migration, undertaken simultaneously in Spain and Portugal, has been a complete success. Savantor has provided us with excellent support for over 3 years, both in the original business transformation programme and now this double migration. We value their open and honest approach to business, and of course the expertise that they bring."

Ricardo Gomez, Director, Operations & Technology - WiZink Bank – Spain & Portugal

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"Savantor did a superb job in confirming what we believed was an area of weakness. The detail we now have will enable us to agree internally what we need to do to improve structure, control and income. Nationwide management were very impressed with the quality of the Savantor team."

Adam Slater, Senior Manager - Banking - Nationwide Building Society - UK

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